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At Health & Harmony  I, as a facilitator utilize skills to  help us reclaim ourselves from all those that pull us in different directions, other than where our dreams and desires would take us. Sometimes those dreams and desires we started out in life changed from necessity, but most of the time out of the desires of others that we love or want to please. Other times it may be because of abuse that is physical, mental, or sexual in nature. We will help you to follow those dreams and goals without abandoning your loved ones.
The work I have done showed that the average ownership of ones' self averages appears to be 10 to 12 percent. I find that the block for this was to help you understand this better, most of our patterns of how we will deal with life, it said that they are set in motion by the time we reach our teenage years. By then we have experienced most things in one form or other. It only takes 3 negatives to happen to us to set up a block that prevents us from handling the stress or from being the best we can be. Our minds are unique in that the mind will do what is necessary to prevent involvement on our part in something that harms us in any way. The mind may use the limbic system making the connection to the body to create the beginnings of physical illness to avoid being involved in the activity that hurts us emotionally or physically. It is said it would take 11 positives at the time of trauma to undo 1 negative. Not very good odds, especially for a child under 12 that is dependant upon others to meet most of their needs.
With One Brain material and using the Behavior Barometer, we can focus in on key problems, find the age of cause, misunderstanding, or understanding and release the blockage that is causing the stress. The Behavior Barometer has words that describe how we feel through out the day. It set up to look at the Conscious, Subconscious, and Physical Body.   We may find ourselves going in circles of these emotions many times through out the day, with many stops at key stress in our life.
The college Physiology and Anatomy text book I had stated that "ALL disease comes from stress". Maybe a child's stomach ache on test day may turn into ulcers or irritable bowl or headaches may turn into migraines. I find most all of my cancer patients have experienced several or overwhelming changes or loses in their life. Children and adults who suffer from disassociated identity disorder, may have survived their horrible experiences by becoming someone or several 'someones"  who don't remember their painful experience. The mind is so powerful and wonderful to help protect us.

Why not call for an appointment today? A session takes one hour. During this time, we work on Ownership, self worth, opening the right and left brain to be able to be creative and use the knowledge we have to help to solve our own problems. Do you find that it seems that it is much easier to help find answers for others' problems than it is our own? Then we work on your key stress in life. Helping to release the blocks that may be allowing you to handle, release, gain control of your life again. Three in One Concepts works with the body, mind, and soul to bring you to a harmonious balance.

Health & Harmony