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I find a  BODY WRAP to be  a natural and healthy way to help condition, tone and tighten skin, leaving me feeling fresh, silky, and lighter. The process appears to keep working for 72 hours to help cleanse my body of unwanted toxins and waste.

A BODY WRAP IS A SIMPLE PROCESS: You apply the herbal wrap solution to the skin. Warm bandages are wrapped around your body to allow the pores to open and the solution to penetrate the subcutaneous fatty tissues. After donning a sauna suite, you relax in a soft lighted peaceful room on an electric lymphatic drain mat while you listen to relaxing music. After 50 minutes you are unwrapped and notice that your skin feels great!

RECOMMENDATIONS: It is recommended to do three wraps 3 to 4 days apart to obtain maximum benefit from the layers of poisons and toxins we have in our bodies. Following up with a once a month wrap can help you live a healthier life. 

As someone having Fibromyalgia, I  find a herbal wrap beneficial followed by a 45 minute massage or lymphatic drain. The toxins appear to be  released in the tight muscles and then can be worked to relieve the tension in them. Cranial/ Sacral work is also a nice addition to a herbal body wrap and only cost $15 more. 

CONTRA INDICATIVES: If you are under a doctor's care, consult him first. We will not wrap persons who are pregnant, are recovering from surgery, have unhealed incisions, and have skin rashes or abrasions. Special attention should be noted if you have high blood pressure or circulation problems. When in doubt ask your doctor first.

Why not call for an appointment today. $50 per session for a wrap only.


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