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The best way to have

 the future you want is 

to create it yourself.

Denial is the way many

of us avoid fear/and 

or panic.

Emotions are denied

 in favor of holding 

onto the experience

 triggering them.

Recognition of our denial

is the first step to opening

the closet door.

Feelings are only

responses, neither good

nor bad.

Guilt is fear that we should

be feeling differently than

we do.

The denial of emotional 

experience can eventually 

create illness. Surgery and 

drugs are the conventional

methods developed to 

control and repress 


Experience is meant to

teach and evolve.

The physical body out 

pictures what's going on 

inside on an emotional and

energy level.



Stress Therapy
"One Brain" * Three in One Concepts *

Three In One Concepts' innovative defusion of stress: "Success causes executive burnout" is a myth. It is seldom caused by success, however much hard work that may involve. Executives not making Choices, or not knowing what Choices to make, creates the most stress. Difficulty making decisions many times produces feelings of helplessness and failure.

Negative beliefs, self doubts, and denials create self-limiting stress, which if left unattended flows into the body through the subconscious and creates manifestations of physical illness. The end result is that we become stuck in the feeling (and the "reality"!) that we have NO CHOICE concerning any positive future outcomes.

We are taught to think success, plan for success and to emphasize accomplishments. When we have a problem we often respond by diving headfirst into denial. "If I get busy enough, the headache will go away. Too often, we are not aware that the denials are the cause that creates the symptoms that rear their ugly heads.

Many companies, organizations, and even families fail because they are afraid to make choices. Sweeping problems under the rug in hope that it will solve the problem will only bring on more stress. 

Dr. John Bonn, stress management consultant and former director of the stress unit at St. Bartholomew's Hospital, London, say: "Stress is not the same as pressure. It has to do with feeling unable to cope, and its symptoms include chronic low-grade anxiety."

Since 1982, Three In One concepts has presented the One Brain method for relieving unresolved emotional stress in almost every country of the world. We have trained Facilitators of almost every nationality.

Our ONE BRAIN method is an innovative, unique approach to identify and correct the stressors that keep us from creating a productive and fulfilling life.

The magic of our ONE BRAIN Defusion approach rebalances physical, mental, emotional and spiritual power.

When we defuse the negative emotions fused to past events, we are free to stay in Present Time, which is where conscious Choices can only be made.

HOW? The Three In One Facilitator utilizes biofeedback from the body through Stress Testing to identify stressors. By taking our Getting Better Series you will learn techniques to release the stress and allow for the creation of constructive life decisions.

Our Consultant Facilitators work to help the client defuse stress at a cellular level, thereby releasing the traumatic blocks that inhibit the therapeutic process. This allows the client and the Consultant Facilitator  to proceed more effectively toward achieving positive results.

Symptoms of stress can be: headaches, skin rash, inability to sleep, poor grades, dyslexia, learning disabilities, sleepy when staring to read, bedwetting, shoulder and neck strain, muscular tension, frustrated and bored, backache, dizziness, a tendency to sweat, palpitations, nail-biting, twitches, loss of appetite, food cravings, loss of libido. They may include feeling of constant irritability, depression, lack of interest in life, fear of failure, inability to express feelings, loss of sense of humor, aggression, fear of the future, sense of isolation, constant fatigue, anxiety, or fear of authorities.

(Taken from the March 2005 issue of Three in One Concepts, Inc. Newsletter 2005, written by Gordon Stokes.)


I  found that weekly sessions of ONE BRAIN kept me in the positive state that is so necessary to keep my body/mind in a positive mode of healing when I had cancer in 1997. Rose Marie Snoblen, Facilitator

We use the Behavior Barometer to identify "I feel" and "I want" emotions to do the One Brain defusion. It can be found at the Three in One web site listed below.


For more information on Three In One Concepts, go to http://www.3in1concepts.net 

To find a facilitator close to you go online to www.3in2concepts.net/Directory.htm 

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